At The Waxing Lounge Leeds we use the premium Hot Wax (non strip) Perron Rigot for all our bikini waxes, and other small, sensitive areas. For the rest of the body we use a gentle warm wax with strips.

We understand that trying a treatment for the first time, or just coming to a new salon, can be daunting. Our aim is to make you feel completely as ease, and to get you perfectly waxed quickly and efficiently. We’ve put together just a few guidelines below to help prepare you.

If you've recently had Accutane or Roaccutane, you must have stopped taking this for 6months before we're able to wax you.

Can I keep my underwear on for a Brazilian/Hollywood?

In a word, no....but don’t panic! For intimate waxes we provide a towel for you to temporarily cover your modesty, as you will be naked from the waist down. This simply allows us to be fast & thorough….after all, we’re presuming you’ll want to be in and out and back down our stairs as fast as possible!!


How long should the hair be?

For any wax we recommend you leave the hair to grow 3 weeks from shaving, or 4 weeks from waxing.  Hair length of 1cm-2cm is perfect – anything longer we recommend you CAREFULLY trim this down for YOUR comfort during your wax. Anything shorter than this and you won’t get the best result. Stick with it ladies and you’ll soon see the hair grow back finer, slower, sparser – we find that 5weekly is a good average to stick to.


How can I minimise the risk of ingrown hairs?

Coarse, curly hair is most prone to ingrowing due to it naturally growing back on itself, hence why our bikinis often need a little extra help to prevent these. Exfoliation is key as this eliminates dry, dead skin cells blocking the hair growth. Using an exfoliating scrub twice a week – something pleasant enough that makes you want to use it – is a great habit to get into. Nothing too rough that would scratch the skin, but don’t be afraid to give-it-some-oomph!


Should I do anything before my waxing treatment?

Exfoliating the area a couple of times a week will help to keep hairs free from ingrowing. Give yourself plenty of time to get to us so you don’t arrive hot & flustered.  Being fresh & clean will make you feel better, so we provide wipes in the treatment room for you to freshen up before your treatment.


Can I still be waxed during my period?

Yes absolutely – just ensure you are wearing a tampon and we’ll just carry on business as usual!


24-48 Hours after waxing please refrain from:

Heat Induced Treatments (hot baths, hot showers, sunbeds, saunas)


Perfumed Shower Gels & Soaps



Deodorants to the immediate area

Make Up to the immediate area      

We’ve applied a lot of heat to the skin during any waxing treatment, so please let the skin recover gently and chemical free over the next 24 hours.

Cleansing wipes are provided in the room for your comfort should you want to freshen up before your treatment. 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have prior to a treatment – and if you feel embarrassed about it, just email us. Trust me whatever the question , someone will have already asked us!